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Blue Planet II - Grouper Spawning


'REEF' - Grouper Spawning

 Filming the grouper using underwater slider system

Filming the grouper using underwater slider system

Fakarava Atoll in French Polynesia is ranked by many divers as one of the worlds top dive spots. I was fortunate to go there for Blue Planet 2, to be part of filming a sequence about camouflage grouper and their annual spawning aggregation.

Fakarava certainly lived up to it's reputation. The reef there is as healthy as I have seen anywhere and there remain there the large numbers of apex predators that there should be on every coral reef.  I was fortunate enough to spend close to 100 hours underwater on this reef, getting to know the camouflage grouper intimately. 

I was working alongside fellow cameraman Denis Lagrange, who has dived all over French Polynesia many times in the past. Together we were to document the spectacle in detail never attempted before. I was charged with the task of getting in close to get as much detail of the grouper as possible, working with the Nikon 70-180 macro lens to paint an intimate portrait of the scene.