I am a cameraman specialising in shooting subjects great and small - in, on and around the worlds oceans.

Rental Equipment

I have a range of gear available for hire.

Feel free to get in touch regarding rental rates.

Gates DEEP WEAPON Underwater Housing


For RED DSMC1 / DSMC2 cameras (Helium / Gemini / Monstro). I supply the housing system, monitor, lens mount, lenses, RedMotes and OLPF - production needs to supply camera brain (DSMC1 or DSMC2) batteries and media, only.

Kit include the following lenses as well as the necessary gears, guide bars, domes / flat ports and extenders. Many other lenses supported on request.

  • Tokina 11-16mm

  • Nikon 24-70mm

  • Nikon 70-180mm

  • Nikon 17-55mm

RED 7.0" LCD Monitor and monitor housing.

10 inch dome and floatation board - for split level work.

100' HD-SDI Surface Feed Cable.

Gates shell extension & V-Lok 'T' plate - allows use of two V-Lok batteries, for extended run times.


Sony F55 & Gates Underwater Housing

Sony F55 camera, AXS R5 RAW Recorder, Sony OLED viewfinder, SxS and AXSM media. 

Most lenses supported, upon request. Kit includes gears, guide bars, domes and extenders for a range of lenses.

MTF FZ to Nikon lens adapter.

TV Logic 5.5” SDI Monitor and Gates Monitor Housing.

3 x IDX Endura Elite battery (3 hour run time).

100' HD-SDI Surface Feed Cable.


Underwater Grip Gear

Custom-made underwater tripod system, for 'underslung' work

2x Ronford Tall legs


2x Ronford Baby legs with various leg attachments / mounts

Marine-modified Ronford F4 Tripod head

Custom made floatation rig, for split-level work / surface level shots

Closed Circuit Rebreather / Open Circuit Dive Kit

AP Valves EVO+ Rebreather, with full spares system

Kirby Morgan full face mask and comms unit.

Expedition oxygen booster kit.

Exposure suits and open circuit gear for a range of environments.



Phantom 4 Pro Drone

4k 60fps recording @100mbps

1 inch image sensor with mechanical shutter

Up to 30 minutes flight time

3 x batteries


Stills kit / HDSLR Video Kit


Nikon D800 camera. Nauticam D800 Underwater Housing with 2 x INON Z220 Flashes



Compact and highly transportable timelapse kit with Syrp Genies, Genie-mini's and sliders,  for 1, 2 or 3 axis mo-co timelapse work.



Edelkrone Pocket Rig, Zacuto Z-Finder and SmallHD monitor - for using D800 or other SLR/Mirrorless camera as HDSLR

MacBook Retina

2.5Ghz Processor and 16gb RAM. Loaded with; Scratch Lab Assimilate, DaVinci Resolve Lite, Red CineX, Sony Raw Viewer & Content Browser, ShotPut Pro, Adobe Creative Cloud, FCP X.