I am a cameraman specialising in shooting subjects great and small - in, on and around the worlds oceans.


I am a wildlife cameraman specialising in filming

creatures - great and small - in, on and around the worlds oceans.

Dan on location for Blue Planet 2, shooting motion-control timelapse in Canada ©BBC/Paul Williams

I was born in Oxford in 1983 and have been diving and taking pictures underwater since the age of twelve. After participating in a ‘try dive’ with my family in the Florida Keys, I was instantly hooked and learnt to dive in the UK before going on to log thousands of dives worldwide in various jobs centred around shooting video and images underwater. For almost ten years, I worked as a cameraman for the Save Our Seas Foundation, documenting research projects, conservation initiatives and expeditions around the globe.

In 2015, after working for a year as a freelancer based in Cape Town, I was selected to join the BBC NHU under the 'camera bursary' scheme, being awarded the first ever bursary focused on underwater filming. For two years I worked extensively on the BBC series 'Blue Planet 2', spending over 500 days in the field filming everything from Nudibranchs to Sperm whales, in over twenty locations across the globe.

With over ten years of diving and shooting experience in some of the most remote parts of the worlds oceans, the ability to shoot sync, as well as experience with most current camera technologies, including the Cineflex Ultra, gimbals and drones, I bring a broad set of skills and extensive field craft to any shoot. I'm now back working as a freelancer,  operating from bases in the UK and my adopted home in Cape Town.